For some, only real wool will do. And the wool-rich blend in this premium fabric gives you the textured, touchy-feely loveliness of natural wool, as well as the hardwearing, handy, stretchiness of clever modern fibres. Soft and sophisticated, it comes in a range of understated shades.

Amatheon Armour Amatheon Armour
Amatheon Birch Amatheon Birch
Amatheon Candy Amatheon Candy
Amatheon Cerulean Amatheon Cerulean
Amatheon Denim Amatheon Denim
Amatheon Peppermint Amatheon Peppermint
Amatheon Porcelain Amatheon Porcelain
Amatheon Purple Amatheon Purple
Amatheon Wolf Amatheon Wolf
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