Protect & Care Policy

What is the 5 Year Protect and Care Policy and how does it work?

Once your new sofa has been made, it will have Staingard protector professionally applied before being delivered. The Protector works by creating a bond with each fibre and effectively creating a barrier to oil and water based spills, and stops them from becoming permanent stains.

Once cured Staingard Fabric Protector is not detectable on the fabric and will not affect the feel of your new sofa. On many fabrics, spillages simply 'bead up' on the surface allowing them to be blotted with kitchen roll, and on other fabrics, Staingard will allow the spill to be 'contained' making cleaning easier.

In the event that you are unable to prevent a spill from becoming a stain, then simply call the Freephone claims line (you will find the number in your policy pack) and we will arrange for a cleaner to come and see you and try to remove the stain.

Even the most careful of people have little accidents, and if you (or your pet!) should rip, tear or burn your sofa then again all you need to do is give us call and we’ll send out a technician to put things right.

What happens if the stain cannot be removed or a repair is not possible?

Please don’t worry, if repair or stain removal is not possible then under the terms of your policy, we'll offer a replacement item at no extra cost to you.

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