Luxury Velvet

This rich 80% cotton velvet has a gorgeous sheen and lovely soft, smooth surface. It also collects distinctive marks over time to give you a unique sofa with real vintage character. Perfect if you want something ravishingly luxurious (and who doesn’t?), but don’t want to spend a fortune. There’s a wide choice of colours, from the frightfully understated to the dazzlingly opulent.

Downton Blossom Downton Blossom
Downton Chive Downton Chive
Downton Dandelion Downton Dandelion
Downton Delphinium Downton Delphinium
Downton Flint Downton Flint
Downton Hyacinth Downton Hyacinth
Downton Jasmine Downton Jasmine
Downton Lantana Downton Lantana
Downton Mallow Downton Mallow
Downton Marigold Downton Marigold
Downton Pansy Downton Pansy
Downton Peony Downton Peony
Downton Sage Downton Sage
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