All our fabrics are lovely, but this one’s extra lovely, with a super soft, brushed finish that’s like stroking the skin of a peach. It’s made with a cotton/linen blend that’s really practical, so it’s as hardwearing as it’s beautiful.

Linara Andesite Linara Andesite
Linara Cypress Linara Cypress
Linara Feather Grey Linara Feather Grey
Linara Hellebore Linara Hellebore
Linara Melrose Linara Melrose
Linara Mustard Linara Mustard
Linara Nile Linara Nile
Linara Navy Linara Navy
Linara Peacock Linara Peacock
Linara Plaster Linara Plaster
Linara Pumpkin Linara Pumpkin
Linara Reef Linara Reef
Linara Tufa Linara Tufa
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