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Is there a Lovely Sofas showroom?

There certainly is. It’s in Bolton. Here’s a map . We have loads of stuff on display. But, we only have each style in certain sizes and fabrics. So, if you want to know if something specific is on display just give us a call on 0800 029 49 49.

How do I clean my Lovely Sofa?

Keeping your sofa in tip top condition just requires a little TLC. We highly recommend our Lovely Sofas Cleaning Kit. It includes stuff that’s specially formulated to work in conjunction with Staingard Fabric Protector. Together they give you everything you need to fend off the peskiest stains.

Headrests and armrests are always going to get a little grubby. But a regular clean with the mild foaming cleaner and cloth will soon put things to rights. The kit also includes three Spot Stain Removers: One for blood, food and water based stains, one for oil and grease, and a special little number for tricky stains like make-up and water based paint. There’s even a deodorizer to keep your sofa smelling sweet and lovely.

Can my Lovely Sofa be made in leather instead?

Yes. We can make most of our styles in leather.


Can you adjust sofa styles so they’re bigger/smaller or can fit a specific space?

Absolutely. That’s why we employ skilled craftspeople. In fact, we often fine tune our designs. If you want a sofa that’s built for longer legs, has a deeper seat or includes fluffier cushions just let us know. Within reason, we can do most things.

Can I use my own fabric?

Yes. That’s no problem. Give us a call first though. We’ll need to check measurements and make sure your fabric is going to work with the style you have in mind.

Placing An Order

How do I place an order?

There are three ways to do it.

1. Explore our website and order online. You can browse a massive range of styles, fabrics and sizes and buy what you want right here.
2. Give us a call and place your order over the phone on 0800 029 49 49.
3. Come and see us at our showroom in Lancashire. You can see many of our styles in the flesh and have a cup of tea while you’re here.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Just a little one. We only ask for a deposit of 10% of the total order value.

What payment methods do you accept?

As well as good old-fashioned cash, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Switch and Delta cards, although we don’t accept American Express. Sorry.

How Can I pay my balance?

There are 3 ways you can pay.

1. By Building Society Draft or Bankers Draft. We only ask for a 10% deposit on online orders (except for fabric cleaning kits), so you’ll need to pay the balance of your account when we deliver your sofa. Please make your Building Society Draft or Bankers Draft payable to "Saxon Furniture Limited".
2. By personal cheque. If you choose to pay this way, you’ll need to get the cheque to us at least seven days before the delivery date. That gives time for the payment to clear. Please make your cheque payable to "Saxon Furniture Limited".
3. By debit/credit card. This will be debited 5 days before your delivery date.


What happens if I need to cancel my order before it’s delivered?

Don't worry. Things happen. If you need to cancel your order, we’re happy to refund any money paid in full*.

*Please note, if a bespoke order is cancelled before delivery, we reserve the right to withhold some or all of the money paid to cover our costs up to that point.


How long will it take to get my furniture?

We’ve learned over the years that quality can’t be rushed. We’ve also learned that our delivery lead times can vary throughout the year. So, if you want an up-to-date estimate of delivery times, give us a ring on 0800 029 49 49 or email us at hello@lovelysofas.com. If you need something for a specific date, because you’re working around decorators or have long lost relatives turning up, give us a call on 0800 029 49 49 and we’ll do everything we can to get your sofa to you when you need it.

Is there a delivery charge?

We have a standard delivery charge of just £35 for all UK Mainland orders under £400 and just £69 for all UK Mainland orders over £400.

I'm unsure the sofa will fit into my room/home. How can I make sure?

That’s a very important question. So well done for asking. It’s such an important issue that we actually offer a special View Access Service. Our delivery team will come out to your home and have a good look at the options before you commit to buying anything.

In some cases, we can make alterations to our styles to make sure we can get them in your house. We do charge for this service (£35 if local, £69 for all other areas). This just covers our time and fuel. But if you decide to buy, we’ll knock it off the total price. We hope that sounds fair enough. To find out more or book an appointment, give us a call on 0800 029 49 49


What guarantees do you offer?

A 28 day money back guarantee. If you decide you don’t love your sofa or any other piece of furniture within 28 days of receipt, we’ll probably sit down on a sofa and sob quietly. But then we’ll dry our eyes, come round, collect your furniture and refund your money with zero fuss*. Read full terms and conditions here.

10 Year Guarantee of Quality. We put our hearts and souls into making your furniture, so we’re 100% confident about their quality. That’s why all our timber frames come with a big, fat 10 year guarantee against faulty manufacture (Allowing for fair wear and tear. So, if your pet elephant sits on it, we don’t cover that). Plus, we guarantee all other parts and materials for 2 years. Read the full terms and conditions here.

Do you offer any additional protection?

Yes. You can buy a Protect & Care Policy. This gives you 5 years of accidental damage cover. We’ll apply a coating of Staingard Fabric Protector when we build your sofa and provide a Sofa Care Cleaning Kit worth £27.

What is the Protect and Care Policy and how does it work?

As soon as your sofa has been made, we’ll apply a coating of Staingard Fabric Protector. It bonds with the fibres in your fabric to create a barrier against oil and water based spills. You won’t be able to see it and your fabric will feel just the same, but many spillages will now 'bead up' on the surface so you can soak them up with kitchen roll.

If a spill does become a stain, just give us a call on our freephone number and we’ll get a professional cleaner round to sort it. Also, if your sofa gets ripped, torn or burnt, we'll send a technician round to put things right.

Why purchase Staingard Fabric Protector?

Our fabric protector is really clever. It uses a unique fluoropolymer formula that stops most water and oil based liquids soaking into your sofa. So, if you spill something, you have time to blot it up before it becomes a nasty, permanent stain.

Returns & Exchanges

What happens if I don't like my sofa?

If you don’t love your sofa, we’ll be gutted. But there’s no need to panic. Your happiness matters to us more than anything else. So, if your new sofa simply doesn’t work in its new home, we're happy to take it back. Give us a call within 28 days of receipt, and we'll collect it and refund your money in full*.


What if I have another question?

That’s fine. We’re here to answer any questions. Simply click the Get In Touch tab on the right hand side of the screen or give us a call on 0800 029 49 49. If you prefer to do things by email, you can also drop us a line at hello@lovelysofas.com

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