What guarantees do you offer?

A 28 day money back guarantee. If you decide you don’t love your sofa or any other piece of furniture within 28 days of receipt, we’ll probably sit down on a sofa and sob quietly. But then we’ll dry our eyes, come round, collect your furniture and refund your money with zero fuss*. Read full terms and conditions here.

10 Year Guarantee of Quality. We put our hearts and souls into making your furniture, so we’re 100% confident about their quality. That’s why all our timber frames come with a big, fat 10 year guarantee against faulty manufacture (Allowing for fair wear and tear. So, if your pet elephant sits on it, we don’t cover that). Plus, we guarantee all other parts and materials for 2 years. Read the full terms and conditions here.

Do you offer any additional protection?

Yes. You can buy a Protect & Care Policy. This gives you 5 years of accidental damage cover. We’ll apply a coating of Staingard Fabric Protector when we build your sofa and provide a Sofa Care Cleaning Kit worth £27.

What is the Protect and Care Policy and how does it work?

As soon as your sofa has been made, we’ll apply a coating of Staingard Fabric Protector. It bonds with the fibres in your fabric to create a barrier against oil and water based spills. You won’t be able to see it and your fabric will feel just the same, but many spillages will now 'bead up' on the surface so you can soak them up with kitchen roll.

If a spill does become a stain, just give us a call on our freephone number and we’ll get a professional cleaner round to sort it. Also, if your sofa gets ripped, torn or burnt, we'll send a technician round to put things right.

Why purchase Staingard Fabric Protector?

Our fabric protector is really clever. It uses a unique fluoropolymer formula that stops most water and oil based liquids soaking into your sofa. So, if you spill something, you have time to blot it up before it becomes a nasty, permanent stain.

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