Is there a Lovely Sofas showroom?

There certainly is. It’s in Bolton. Here’s a map . We have loads of stuff on display. But, we only have each style in certain sizes and fabrics. So, if you want to know if something specific is on display just give us a call on 0800 029 49 49.

How do I clean my Lovely Sofa?

Keeping your sofa in tip top condition just requires a little TLC. We highly recommend our Lovely Sofas Cleaning Kit. It includes stuff that’s specially formulated to work in conjunction with Staingard Fabric Protector. Together they give you everything you need to fend off the peskiest stains.

Headrests and armrests are always going to get a little grubby. But a regular clean with the mild foaming cleaner and cloth will soon put things to rights. The kit also includes three Spot Stain Removers: One for blood, food and water based stains, one for oil and grease, and a special little number for tricky stains like make-up and water based paint. There’s even a deodorizer to keep your sofa smelling sweet and lovely.

Can my Lovely Sofa be made in leather instead?

Yes. We can make most of our styles in leather.

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