Ooh! This is nice. Soft under your fingers and easy on the eye, this fabric looks ever so luxurious, without costing a fortune. The crushed effect makes sofas look great from every angle and you can decide how opulent you’re feeling, with a wide choice of colours from understated neutrals to vibrant brights.

Modena Aubergine Modena Aubergine
Modena Cyan Modena Cyan
Modena Delft Blue Modena Delft Blue
Modena Hessian Modena Hessian
Modena Iron Modena Iron
Modena Mauve Modena Mauve
Modena Mink Modena Mink
Modena Silver Modena Silver
Modena Sand Modena Sand
Modena Slate Modena Slate
Modena Steel Modena Steel
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