Think of velvet and you think of luxury. But traditional cotton velvet does collect distinctive marks over time. Our clever velvet gives you a luscious luxury finish, but with brilliant stain resistance. So you get beauty and softness, without the marks. Just the thing if you want a luxurious looking sofa that can handle everything everyday life throws at it.

Amalfi Amethyst Amalfi Amethyst
Amalfi Blue Grass Amalfi Blue Grass
Amalfi Pesto Amalfi Pesto
Amalfi Tangerine Amalfi Tangerine
Amalfi Battleship Amalfi Battleship
Amalfi Buttercup Amalfi Buttercup
Amalfi Dark Blue Amalfi Dark Blue
Amalfi Dove Amalfi Dove
Amalfi Duck Egg Amalfi Duck Egg
Amalfi Lilac Amalfi Lilac
Amalfi Meteorite Amalfi Meteorite
Amalfi Pillarbox Red Amalfi Pillarbox Red
Amalfi Royal Blue Amalfi Royal Blue
Amalfi Stone Amalfi Stone
Amalfi Turquoise Amalfi Turquoise
Amalfi Whisper Amalfi Whisper
Amalfi Teal Amalfi Teal
Amalfi Cedar Green Amalfi Cedar Green
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